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September 13, 2010

2 Girls in the City

This summer Alexa, our longtime bestie, and I went to New York for a week.  We had an amazing trip from seeing Will.I.Am perform, getting drinks at Tenjune lounge, dinner at Tao, picnicking in Central Park, and shopping on Broadway, to having some serious cheesecake at Junior's in Brooklyn.  When you're in the city you should check out this website for hot events going on while you're in town ;)


Anonymous said...

Haha i love you girlies!! & i cant wait for all three of us to be reunited and for tallacreepy to be mentioned in your blog <3 xoxox

tenjune is by far the club to be at as well as kiss & fly!

Sweet Speculations said...

yes yes im gonna see when this tallacreepy trip can go down ;)

Sweet Speculations said...

<3 you lexy